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Facing Discombobulation

Our generation inherited nothing but confusion from our predecessors. Confusion in all the spheres of life – definition of values, comprehension of realities and most importantly the national identity. Its too dangerous dynamics altogether. A chain of all the illegitimate negatives is easily observable. Confusion bears desperation which yields nothing except disbelief and skepticism. If I trace my memory 15 years back, almost every notion in which I invested my belief in adolescence has been proved delusive somehow.

Multi dimensional delusions harass this generation though three are worth mentioning i.e. historical, scientific and religious. If a person of my age claims absolute clarity of vision, he should understand that his visual modalities are cozening him – he is simply freezed in time and not growing up in a classical sense. It is a stark reality that most of the chronicles we were taught to nurture as a child were proved to be faux if not completely false. If you are prized with the vision of this reality don’t feel jubilant as realism brings along its price. Its a Faustian bargain – you have to put your belief at risk in order to get more.

So what’s the way out. There is none if the desire to hold the dogma supersedes the quest of knowing the truth. But there are few who only sail well against the high tides. They dig out the reality from the delusion and sift the truth from the false. The involutions of the search would certainly differ in context but the principle remains the same. In science, its entrusting the observance – in history, its revisiting the originals – in religion, its conciliation among the revealed and the acquired knowledge cognitively. And instantly you’ll find yourself believing again…


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