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Discourses Within: Formulating the Problem…

Formulation of the problem has always remained a milestone for me which I feel unable to surpass as yet. I have always tried to complicate the construct to a point where I can start off with an industrious endeavor to resolve it for myself. Simply stating, whenever I fall short of fulfilling the responsibilities entailed by my desire to upkeep my bondage with the Creator, whether ritualistically or in essence; it seems as if the inner core of my faith is not strong enough a motivator for my actions. This is my problem. I am not at all depressed by this as this revelation in itself might be a blessing in disguise if it ultimately moves me a step closer to the Lord; for my quest is not satiated with giant leaps as I prefer to take short but firm steps.

All the Moore’s paradoxes, Gettier problems and incompleteness theorems of the world could not help me formulate the drivers of my problem. My inability to completely describe my faith through my actions is not merely a passing thought that can be resigned by a little shrug. These words of Iqbal’s were a true inspiration, at least presently, which brought about this little presentation:

The Quran is a book which emphasizes ‘deed’ rather than ‘idea’. There are, however, men to whom it is not possible organically to assimilate an alien universe by re-living, as a vital process, that special type of inner experience on which religious faith ultimately rests. Moreover, the modern man, by developing habits of concrete thought – habits which Islam itself fostered at least in the earlier stages of its cultural career – has rendered himself less capable of that experience which he further suspects because of its liability to illusion.[1]


Iqbal is formulating here the problem, which in my view is the apparent tension between faith and rationality which modern mind is apt to face whether consciously or subconsciously. I would expound more on it as I take myself through this long process of acculturation.

As for now, When I relate my experiences with this borrowed philosophical formulation, it occurs to me as if there are always battles of contrasting positions within the innermost human cognitive core. The basic potential to fight these battles is from the Creator Himself however the battle grounds, results and manifestation of these results vary with individuals. Effort to resolve these conflicts matters most and a strong bondage with the Creator in all spatial realties is a promised prize. In coming days and months, I might spend some time describing these battles to myself in words and would learn and mend in the process. I would tend to generate a discussion between the innate contrasting positions that I am born with and search for some answers.
1. Muhammad Iqbal, Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam, The opening lines of Preface.


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