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Ramadhan 1427H: Culture of Consumption

I have pondered a lot and finally concluded the I belong to a culture of consumption.

Try asking a Muslim in Pakistan about the first thing that spontaneously comes to mind about the month of Ramadhan and in most of the cases the answer will somehow be related to consumption. The quantity reigns with significance throughout the holy month; may it be variety of food or recitations of Quran. Large hoardings all along the road are persuading people to consider their special Iftaar offers in order to consume maximum food with minimum disbursal of money. The most popular Imam in the vicinity is the one who recites fast and relieves the burden of standing too long in Qiyaam. My friends disagree with me; their contention being that what I am positing with a religious slant is merely a cultural thing.

So I stepped back, brooded over and realised that I too have an equal proclivity for consumption like my cultural siblings. As far as fasting is concerned religion has failed to transform this culture of consumption into one of abstinence. It may also mean that the culture has successfully deformed the kernel of revelation producing nothing beyond ritual.

The month of fasting does not bring along a climate conducive for sowing seeds of taqwa anymore; it has just become a celebrated festival in our part of the world.


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