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Pain Management

No, its not about better content managment!

The real reason I have shifted my old blog to WordPress is because I am unable to manage the pain and mental agony any longer. My frustration is multiplied as access to blogger is not only blocked (in Pakistan) but users (Pakistani) who have switched to blogger beta cannot even log in to their dashboards anymore. To add insult to the injury, google’s blogger management is showing nothing but divine unconcern.

I am neither a versatile commentator like Thabet, Eteraz or Haroon nor an ardent and passionate blogger like Dr. Shabana Mir, Svend White or Mozaffar. I am just a reader who is desperate to make sense of what he reads and cast off his skepticism through the clarity of expression. I dont write a lot but being completely away from blogging makes me feel as if I am loosing the track of my thoughts and slackening intellectually.

Till the time WordPress updates their tool to import entries from blogger beta, there is no way I am able to bring all the posts and comments from the old blog. I’ll soon set up a page here to give a walkthrough of whatever I have written uptill now which is worthy enough to be mentioned.


10 thoughts on “Pain Management

  1. I’m sorry for the problems you are having with Blogger beta and WP. You might want to make the link to your old blog a little more prominent, so people can find your old posts for now. I will update your link on BLOG VILLAGE for you, but don’t forget to add the voting banner here.

  2. Abu,

    If you write a background post about the whole censorship issue so that the average american would understand it, and work with me so that i can create a sort of online activism thing, i will post it as a guest post on eteraz and at the bottom we can say that your new blog can be found here.

    Also, if in the future you want to write posts about halaqas with the Renaissance School or some other event they’ve gone to, I’d be most interested in those. You could potentially cross-post those on my blog.

    Let me know. You have my email.

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  4. Thankyou Dr. Alvi, I knew about the group already and have joined it now. But you would agree that we cant do much except spreading the word. Anybody is blocking anything currently. They have now circulated an Islamabad phone number so that people can call and tell them which sites should be banned. Its painful but funny how things work in Pakistan.

    Thankyou Ali for your offer, I’ll email you soon insha’Allah.

  5. Yes. In that case I would be left with two choices. Pay money to get a seperate domain or bring out my diary in which I used to record my rants a year ago 🙂 I think I would opt for the latter and save money for books.

  6. Salaams Abu Muhammad and thanks for the plug and exceedingly generous characterization. I hardly belong in such company.

    There’s something almost unseemly about somebody with your knowledge and insight praising an ignorant dilletante like myself, but perhaps you’re just being kind and “covering your brother’s faults”. 🙂

    At the end of the day, I’m just another clueless gora who’s learned a few facts and exotic terms phrases from scholarly folks like yourself. But we all have a role to play in getting truth out there, and, to borrow an infamous quip from Rummie, you fight a war with the knowledge you have, not would like to have.

  7. Salamo Alaikom,

    I came across ur blog through ur topic in the blogger help group http://groups.google.com/group/blogger-help-troubleshoot

    I’m facing exactly the same problem now, I can’t access beta blogger.. I’m from Saudi Arabia but i don’t think the gov. has something to do with this, because my friend in Saudi too and she can access..

    I don’t know what to do, it’s like loosing part of u, esp. if you were blogging for months now.. anyway, I know that my comment wont help you but just felt like saying IT..

    Best Wishes,

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