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Discussion on Jamia Hafsa

Discussion on Jamia Hafsa

A religious discussion on Jamia Hafsa issue featuring Javed Ahmed Ghamidi and others will be aired on Geo TV tonight.

I’ll review main points of discussion after watching it. Insha’Allah.

I hope it is being broadcasted on Geo US and UK too.

Update 21/4/07: That was an enlightening discussion; instructive for those who are not familiar with Ghamidi’s methodology. As it was revealed, discussion would probably constitute few parts; at least two. I’ll obviously recapitulate after it finishes, which would be a week or two from now.


3 thoughts on “Discussion on Jamia Hafsa

  1. Please provide your own write up of this – I am interested in learning ore about his methodology and ideas. He seems to be quoted in certain circles a lot lately, but it seems hardly anyone (apart from desi folks?) knows who he is. 🙂

  2. Why is that Pakistani people only listen to one man and think he has all the answers????

    Yes I am talking about Ghamdi… He is good but not good to be Guru of all your answers.

    I think Ghamdi is hesitant in describing his views on certain issues…

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