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Understanding Pakistan Project

An Investigation into the Life and Times of a Nation
Just came to know about this amazing project. Here is the objective statement:

The “Understanding Pakistan” Project is designed to help us look behind to see ahead. It is a collaborative effort to enable us to learn from each other and discover our fascinating past. Each week, starting from June 4th until October 13th, a panel of writers and commentrators will examine and critique a certain period of Pakistan’s history (1937-2007). These individuals, through their varying backgrounds in policy, media, political science, law, and public service etc., bring their varying perspectives and biases to this collective reading and writing of the country’s history.

I am looking forward to read some great quality stuff.


3 thoughts on “Understanding Pakistan Project

  1. I am writing from Afghanistan, from your neighborhood. I was thinking if you people agree lets have cooperated blog to write about our countries problems. How we can overcome on it.

    here is my blog http://www.afghanlord.org let me know if you like we can start

    Nasim Fekrat
    Kabul, Afghanistan

  2. We just launched a mega event with the name “I Still Love Pakistan Do You !” at BuzzVines.com, and would love if you join up and spread the word around. we are inviting all the bloggers of Pakistan so hurry join up!

    PS: this is not spam i visited your website personally to leave the message.

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