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60th Year of Despondence


Not much has changed since last year; similar discontentment in another damp summer. Only this time, I see my boys getting familiarised with the first slogans of patriotism holding their foremost symbols of independence. But while they wave their five rupee flags saying Pakistan Zindabad animatedly, they are still unable to see the despondency in the eyes of those who are drudging in heat to earn those five rupees.

For me, Pakistan will be independent when the boys like above will learn to ask questions. Question like why His Bounteous Highness has presented a handsome amount of 7.5 million to his entertainers for pleasing him (and his court) on the night of celebrating Independence?

Long live Pakistan.


7 thoughts on “60th Year of Despondence

  1. Salam

    Azadi Mubarak! I hope your nation progresses in a way that pleases the Almighty. Ameen!

    I read your introspective entries last year with interest. They seemed, to me, to be coming out of a more genuine yearning and learned introspection than the many ‘Bash Hindus, Justify Pakistan’ kind available on the net and in person. (I am a South-Indian Muslim).
    I guess I am trying to say thanks. (Don’t ask for what!)


  2. assalamu alay’kum

    Sorry. My bad. I have edited the spelling in the title.

    Its hard to be completely objective in any indo-pak debate, especially the historical ones related to partition. The main reason is the mind-set with which we have been brought up and our usually myopic view of history. I can obviously talk about Pakistan.

    All I can say is that one ultimately has to look forward (as the intellectual escapists in Pakistan usually say) but with a clear and unbiased reading and understanding of history. A meaningful discussion between the people on both sides, in present circumstances, can be a good start; for at least another decade, as its an extremely slow process. Right now I am watching a similar joint discussion on a private TV channel.

    Thank you for your comments and good wishes. A happy independence day to you as well.


  3. Dialogue dialogue

    What’s the use of dialogue? today people will be filled with love for India/Pak. Tomorry some snide item in the news, and back to square one.

    Anyway, I heard somewhere that Pakistan’s economy is improving. Good luck with that. Nothing’s going to happen unless manufacturing sector picks up pace and ties up with the universities.

    Totally discursive post. Sorry.

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