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My Interview at Pakistani Spectator

The Pakistani Spectator is a team blog centered at happenings in and related to Pakistan. They have been running a series in which they are conducting interviews of Pakistani bloggers. You can read my exchange here.


4 thoughts on “My Interview at Pakistani Spectator

  1. Salam.

    I liked the whole interview but these words were of special interest for me:

    “We have consistently betrayed an Idea and the Idea in return has failed us and started transforming itself into a plethora of deadly ideas.”

    How do you percieve and define this ‘Idea’?

  2. assalamu alay’kum,

    You can read my perception in a previous post.

    I purposefully refrain from giving a particular ‘definition’ to the idea of Pakistan. I don’t think labels like rightist, leftist, liberal or secular would help us anymore. It would suffice to say, that the idea of Pakistan, even in its crudest possible form was somehow linked to Islam, Muslims and religious affinity.

    I have just written another post, elaborating more on the same thread. Will post it in a day or two, insha’allah.

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