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China (VII): Yangtze River

Nanjing Yangtze BridgeHad a long memorable walk over Nanjing Yangtze River bridge this evening with our friend, colleague and guide ‘C’. C is a unique character in his own way. Unlike most of the Chinese, he is a born critic and history lover. A self-taught expert on everything Chinese, he introduced us to the longest river in Asia and third longest in the world. As we dragged ourselves over the slow and gradual ascent, C kept on narrating the history of the bridge as well as the symbolization regarding the beautiful statues at the entrance. Finished in 1968, it is the first proof of Chinese indigenous mega-structure industry; being the first double track bridge designed without any outside assistance. Besides industrial expertise, it is also a proof of Chinese resilience and determination.

Finally, we moved under the bridge in a beautiful park through the old stairway where we were caught by the most unexpected thing; i.e., ladies and children doing workout on the rhythm of an Indian dance number sung by some Chinese singer.

A memorable day, indeed.


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