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A Welcome Digression

I started sharing my musings at this place about 5 years ago. Since then, there are about 80 odd posts with an average of about one each month, excluding announcements and minor reflections. During these years, besides achieving a lot in terms of clarity of mind and ontogenesis of thought, I have missed recording my more personal experiences and rather puerile thoughts and reflections.

I have now felt that I need a separate place to prattle casually (more often), with this place being reserved for objectively (by my standards of course) written small essays.

Mainly, for the lack of a better word, I have named the place Roznamcha which is an Urdu equivalent for a small log of daily activity. There are some old posts (hitherto kept private) about my visit to China last year and some recent readings. Please have a look and spread the word.

Update (9/28/2010): The experiment failed; mainly because of my inability to manage content as well as context on both the places. I am now shifting all the content from aasembakhshi.wordpress.com here. The content on this site will now include a lot more skepticism than the name suggests :). Its now a blog.


One thought on “A Welcome Digression

  1. no matter what world z beautiful n i want to enjoy its hardships n blessings as God z always with all of us every step of the way bcoz He z God of everyone!

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