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Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan (RIP)

Dr Farooq Khan The news is just coming in that Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan, a renowned writer, columnist, religious scholar and Vice Chancellor of Swat Islamic University, has been murdered (along with his assistant) by unknown gunmen as he was coming out of his clinic in Mardan. May Allah bless his departed soul. Here is an obituary from a local TV Channel website:

Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan is a recognized writer, columnist, and intellectual throughout the country. He is also known as a religious scholar and competent TV compare. He was born at a village, in the district of Swabi. He obtained his elementary education at his hometown. Then he joined Cadet College Hasanabdal, and later on the Cadet College Kohat. After having acquired the degree in medicine, he decided to specialize in psychiatry. He established his private practice in Mardan. Some of his works include “Pakistan and the Twenty First Century (Urdu)”, “The Struggle for Islamic Revolution”, and “What is Islam”. God has bestowed upon him the quality of presenting his propositions in simple language and clarity of style.

Dr. Khan was associated with Al-Mawrid, an Islamic research organization lead by Javed Ahmed Ghamidi . He gained media limelight and became a center of controversy for his allegedly unorthodox views on permissibility of music. Most of his works can be downloaded from his website. Clipping from the talk show where he shared his views on music is linked below:

Its one of those days when it feels really impossible to breathe in the land of the pure and sadness overcomes the desire to remain optimistic. When intellect is not tolerated, disagreements are settled through bullets, and mockery of the law becomes a convention, the society seems to be quickly approaching towards self annihilation. Our cities have indeed become worst than wildest of the jungles. Reminds me of this sad, yet beautiful Urdu poem by Zehra Nigah (a transliteration can be found here and please share any English translations if you have):


5 thoughts on “Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan (RIP)

  1. The death of doctor sahib had shocked me speechless! This nation has lost a great well-wisher! I had been very close to him. He was our friend,mentor and teacher. He was a great momin. We always tried to emulate him,but could n,t,will never! He supported many poor families,many widows and orphans. He knew that death is staring in his face but he kept up mission of speaking the truth and presenting the humane face of Islam. Hordes of blood-thirsty savages, the self-styled custodians of Islam, lurked around him in his hometown,in Swat but he did not care; he kept aloft the torch of true Islam,peace and liberal values. In the words of his mentor and teacher,Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, ” wo qatal gahon mein shakh-e-zaitoon liye phirta tha”!

  2. I reciprocate your feelings and though I had never met him we too had a historical personal connection as we belonged to the same alma mater. But more than that he was an enlightened scholar and a great humanist as well. May Allah rest him in peace and give his family strength.

  3. May Allah bless the soul of Farooq sahib. One can only hope that our new generation find time from watching bollywood movies and pathetic reality shows etc to read works of people like Farooq Sahib and Zehra Nigah.

  4. Did he really get killed for music!? What a waste of human life….I pray to Allah that Pakistan comes out of these dark ages of intolerance where human life is so cheap. Its saddening.

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