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Terminating the Hiatus: Life, Death and Aspirations

Being an avid diary keeper in school days, my original intention was to convert this little indulgence in cyber-sphere into something like a classic weblog. But somehow, despite getting some serious recognition at times, it has always remained centered on my religious and philosophical ramblings and I have always been venting out my informal and spontaneous speculations elsewhere.

But a lot has happened that has caused this blog to go defunct in last year or so. I remember writing about parting with a lingering self-commitment (and to some extent a passionate indulgence) but then owing to some almost miraculous circumstances, I decided to give it another go with fullness of intention and by the grace of Allah Almighty, I was granted success. But while I was struggling with my passions, my father (who happened to be one of my best friends) passed away after a brief fight with cancer last Ramadhan.

In short, life’s inherent nature, that is, an assortment of happiness, success, sorrows and dreams prevails in the end. And so, as my mother gifted me a diary this year in memories of how she used to buy me a diary each year in good old school days, the desire to terminate this hiatus was triggered. But I have revamped this blog a little to include thematic space for my readings, musings, ramblings and experiences, with the usual lengthy expositions once in a while. Hence, as you can see, its not Nonskeptical Essays any more but Hanging Odes. I am hoping that this rejuvenation would be sustainable this time, God willing.


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