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The Hanging Odes

According to Al-Quran 46:15, man attains strength at the age of 40. A few might take it literally but it is an age when the perceptual experience of reality has to be expressed by humans. Word should be risen above to the Lord thanking him for His bounteousnesses and below to the fellow creation helping them to perceive. A voice should reach to the macrocosm joining other voices on the way. Here I am preparing myself to play my part a little early when still a decennium is left. At this point in my life If I am assured one blessing by the Lord, I’ll ask for a little more pellucidity – the uncloudedness so that I can understand the complexities around me – the lucidity so that I may empower my ‘self’ to stick with the ‘ultimate ego’. While moving towards the terminus I long to give lyrics to my percept and let my pen free…


9 thoughts on “The Hanging Odes

  1. Hi Aasem!

    I’m writing a blog on Spanish related overall to sufi mystical poetry, specially from Iran and now with a pair of Urdu and Panjabi mistics.

    I would like to ask your kind permision to translate to spanish your interesting articles on islamic law, my intention is that non islamic people, like me, but interested on really know the islamic and coranic culture can read an objective version about it, trying to avoid the ‘occidental’ idea about fanatic people with fanatic ideas.

    Of course the translation would reference you as the original author of the posts and a link to your blog


  2. Salam,
    I just came across your wonderful blog. On another site you mentioned that you are pursuing a PhD in computer engineering and that one of you favorite books is by Russel Bertrand.

    I hope you write some about Western logicians and perhaps even encourage the computer-programmer-by-day kids to read about the philosophy behind modern computers and programming languages.

    I wish your email was on this blog so I could contact you.

    Again, great blog (although way over my head)

  3. Salam brother Aasem,

    I honestly think that with all the knowledge Allah has bestowed upon you, you should write down a book on your experiences of reality! Maybe something on how to approach faith in the modern age, that would contribute to a greater understanding of Islam for all..

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