Terminating the Hiatus: Life, Death and Aspirations

Being an avid diary keeper in school days, my original intention was to convert this little indulgence in cyber-sphere into something like a classic weblog. But somehow, despite getting some serious recognition at times, it has always remained centered on my religious and philosophical ramblings and I have always been venting out my informal and spontaneous speculations elsewhere.

But a lot has happened that has caused this blog to go defunct in last year or so. I remember writing about parting with a lingering self-commitment (and to some extent a passionate indulgence) but then owing to some almost miraculous circumstances, I decided to give it another go with fullness of intention and by the grace of Allah Almighty, I was granted success. But while I was struggling with my passions, my father (who happened to be one of my best friends) passed away after a brief fight with cancer last Ramadhan.

In short, life’s inherent nature, that is, an assortment of happiness, success, sorrows and dreams prevails in the end. And so, as my mother gifted me a diary this year in memories of how she used to buy me a diary each year in good old school days, the desire to terminate this hiatus was triggered. But I have revamped this blog a little to include thematic space for my readings, musings, ramblings and experiences, with the usual lengthy expositions once in a while. Hence, as you can see, its not Nonskeptical Essays any more but Hanging Odes. I am hoping that this rejuvenation would be sustainable this time, God willing.


Nomination for Brass Crescent Awards

I am extremely honored to be nominated for this year’s Brass Crescent Awards in the category of Best Writer. I do not consider myself to be a prolific writer at all and I am very grateful to all those who considered me for this honorable nomination.

Brass Crescent Awards were launched in 2004 to promote Muslim bloggers and expose them to a large variety of readership. With the continuous expansion in Muslim blogosphere since past few years, various new and interesting categories are being added. Since the beginning, there is also a category reserved for best Non Muslim blog seeking bridge building and genuine dialog with Muslims. You can read more about the awards here with methodology of nomination and judgment.

Voting is already open and scheduled to be closed by November 19. Please visit the awards site, cast your vote and get introduced to some of the most talented writers of Muslim blogosphere.

A Welcome Digression

I started sharing my musings at this place about 5 years ago. Since then, there are about 80 odd posts with an average of about one each month, excluding announcements and minor reflections. During these years, besides achieving a lot in terms of clarity of mind and ontogenesis of thought, I have missed recording my more personal experiences and rather puerile thoughts and reflections.

I have now felt that I need a separate place to prattle casually (more often), with this place being reserved for objectively (by my standards of course) written small essays.

Mainly, for the lack of a better word, I have named the place Roznamcha which is an Urdu equivalent for a small log of daily activity. There are some old posts (hitherto kept private) about my visit to China last year and some recent readings. Please have a look and spread the word.

Update (9/28/2010): The experiment failed; mainly because of my inability to manage content as well as context on both the places. I am now shifting all the content from aasembakhshi.wordpress.com here. The content on this site will now include a lot more skepticism than the name suggests :). Its now a blog.

Terminating Hiatus this Eid

Eid Mubarak to all the readers who are still left somehow 🙂

This was perhaps the longest break on this blog as well as my ramblings. No need to mention that I was away, being occupied in some essential chores of this ineluctable indulgence called life.

Been twice to China this past year and had a look at Chinese history and religion, especially Chinese Muslims and their somehow unique flavor of Islam. Besides this, read a lot of other stuff including genres from which I was away since last two years or so. Kept posting short reviews regarding some of it on my facebook account.

Pakistan has been through a lot in this past year but we as a community must find collective optimism out of our miseries somehow, both self created and inflicted.

Ramadan was inspiring like always and though its never enough, still got some time to reflect and peep inside. Shortly posting something that I have been kept writing in bits and pieces for the last 10 days.

Blog Readibility Test

I can guess how they do it but I am not sure if it can be taken as a compliment at all. Considering the fact that my old blog (now defunct) can be understood with an education level of undergrad, I am quickly transforming myself into an incomprehensible abstractionist.

My wife agrees. It does not happen too often.

Click here and take your blog’s readability test.